Gents Graceful Dark Chocolate Brown Colour Shawl 🪡 SKU: AR-1030


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Flatteringly elegant and impressive Shawl. The wool adds a modern wow factor to any outfit. Made in luxury fabrics and yarns, this piece makes your look stand out from the crowd. It's soft and comfortable, versatile enough to wear in every season. Pashmina is a fine type of cashmere wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir. The name comes from Persian: پشمینه‎ / pašmina, meaning “made from wool”. It is made through Sui Work & Hand Embroidery. Retro winter shawls are made from woolen and cashmere fabric. They are soft yet bigger in size, as a proper shawl. It is a two-sided shawl having a beautiful color so it’s fun to carry and match with all your winter attires. Hand Crafted Pashmina shawl with finest quality Light weight, Pashmina fiber, and exceptional design. They’re really soft and comfortable, yet really warm. These come with geometrical retro patterns made overall in the shawl, giving it an arty yet trendy appearance. Retro winter shawls are available in a variety of pretty colors so you can pair them with any outfit effortlessly.

    Fabric: Pure Gents Wool
    Shape: Rectangular
    Slipperiness: no pins are required
    Length: 2.75 x 1.25 Yards (gazz)
    Care: Hand or Machine wash and hang dry

    Colour: Dark Chocolate


    Product colors may slightly vary from the photo shoot because of professional light. Finishing items may vary subject to availability.

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